Sizing and Fitting of Saltwater Sandals


UK SIZE Inches
5 3 9"
6 4 9 1/2"
7 5 9 3/4"
8 6 10"
9 7 10 1/4"
10 8 10 1/2"
11 9 11"

The measurements listed above are for actual length of each size of sandal, from heel to toe, NOT your foots measurement. Use this chart to compare any existing sandals you may have, in order to approximate the saltwater size you might need.

Adult Saltwater Sandals are marked with two sizes. The first number you will see is in the center of the shoe. The U.S. SIZE is stamped on the bottom, near the heel, with a “W” beside it. (See the diagram below.) Please order your US Ladies Size only ! If you do not see the US size listed on the heel at the very bottom of the sole. Please add "2" to the size in the middle of the sole to get the correct USA size. IE: Size UK 4 plus 2 = US Ladies 6

Children’s sizes are universal and there is no conversion needed.


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